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Best All-Mountain Skis of 2018-2019. Transitioning from the groomer-oriented Experience Ti above to one that loves powder, the Salomon QST 106 is a mid-width freeride ski built for good times. In creating the QST line, Salomon focused on keeping weight down while retaining solid all-around performance. Ski Gear Reviews. If your ski gear

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A ski’s turning performance is a function of materials, weight, length, width, stiffness, sidecut (the radius of the curve formed by the edge), rocker (presence and degree of rise to the tip and tail), and camber (arc shape through the length of the ski, whether positive and called simply "camber," or negative and called "reverse camber").

The 3.Zero is a great mid-stiff all-mountain ski if you live out west. At 112mm underfoot and with full twin rocker, the ski thrives on either side of the gates at Jackson, while a half-nelson sandwich core construction and traditional camber give it stability, quickness, and …

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OutdoorGearLab gathered a team of industry pros and professional snow bums to put our all-mountain models through the wringer. These ladies ski for a living or live to ski, and each woman skied many days on each model.

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Although the 75mm waist may categorize this ski as a mid-fat powder ski best suited for off-piste endeavors, these skis are very much at home on groomers. The Intelligence Chip System and construction meant this ski was very stable at all speeds and the generous side-cut made for some great sweeping turns.

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Reviews of the 11 best skis of the year, according to the skiers on the Powder Union. For more ski reviews, visit POWDER’s Gear Locker.

If we talk about skiing then our reviews cover everything in the world of skiing, from ski gear like ski boots, ski goggles and ski jackets, to the best mountain ski destinations and ski resorts.

May 05, 2017 · I probably need a heavier mid fat ski, maybe something like the monster 88, or maybe the enforcer would do the trick in heavy spring conditions. I don’t have a ski that can really bust open piles but still float a bit on top of the mash.

Sep 07, 2017 · Named after a popular couloir in the Whistler, BC backcountry, the Husume can be leaned on as a mid-fat ski that can handle in-and-out-of-bounds objectives. A flat tail, camber underfoot, stiff maple wood core, quadraxial woven fiberglass and two carbon stringers help this ski excel on edge and in bulletproof, variable conditions.

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Alpine Mid Fat Skis make a great everyday ski. Mid Fat are perfect for mixed snow. Whether you are facing fluffy white powder or more packed groom trails, Alpine Mid Fat Skis will get you down the slope with power, energy and precision.

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