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According to the 1978 Russian Constitution, the President of Russia was head of the executive branch and headed the Council of Ministers of Russia. According to the current 1993 Constitution of Russia, the President of Russia is not a part of the Government of Russia, which exercises executive power.

Statement and response by the representative of the Russian Federation A.Belousov on the motives of the procedural vote on taking up the Russian draft resolution on INF in the First Committee of the UN General Assembly

The Russian Federation supported a comprehensive analysis of threats in the Middle East. Coordination should be Charter-based. The flow of people forced to leave their homeland was engulfing neighbouring countries and Europe.

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UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) – The first council meeting under Russia’s presidency is due to take place on Monday, when the current 15 members will discuss the program for the month ahead. A total of 20 meetings are planned for October, according to the Russian UN mission.

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17 rows · On 12 June 1991 he was elected president of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist …

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13 rows · Security Council Presidency in 2018. The presidency of the Council is held by each of the …

Watch video · Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the U.N. General Assembly on Monday and said the West was making an "enormous mistake" by not cooperating with Syrian President …

South Korean and Russian media on Monday teased a visit to Moscow by North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to meet with President Vladimir Putin. No exact schedule for the meeting has surfaced, but there are signs it will occur in the very near future, probably before Kim’s second summit with U.S. President Donald Trump.

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Sep 28, 2015 · In his address to the United Nations General Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for an anti-terror coalition that would involve the Syrian army in the

Russia is one of the most powerful players on the global energy market. It is highly important to keep track of global energy trends in order to use our competitive advantages efficiently. Russian Energy Week International Forum, October 3, 2018 of the President of Russia.

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